40k-Tournament Part 2

In the beginning of my vacation I had a 40k tournament at home
in my house and we managed to play to set of games.
This Battlereport is between me and Olle and I played the Astra
Militarium and he the Blood angels.

The points were set to 1000 each and the goal was to decimate
the enemys forces to oblivion.
Both me and Olle are not so skilled at the 40k-rules and Christian
helped us with the technicals. My tactic was to punch a hole
in the defense of the Blood angels and attack "en masse" because
my troops are not so strong as the Blood angels in close combat.
To win some time the setup was closer to each front and this
was also more fun because we got contact very quickly.
My tactics failed at the first round because the  Blood angels
knocked out my Leman Russ and this was 
my key-ace.
After this round I halted the APC on the right-front

but this vehicle was still able to give cover and also shot every second
round.In the middle-sector the Blood angels tried to advance into
a big building.A magician within the ranks of the Blood angels 
tried to put spell after spell on my troops but did a real poor
job and made us all laugh. 
On the the third round both the Blood angels and my troops
got close contact inside the building. In close combat the Blood
angels did a god job and soon the game was decided and victory
to the reds. A very nice game indeed and both me and Olle were
equal in 40k-gamingexperience.Looking forward to the next round.

6 kommentarer:

  1. Svar
    1. Thankyou very much Michal.It was a fun game and the scenery made it even better.

  2. Great report and great pics!
    Love that table!

    1. Grazie Mile Luca.It is always fun to look back in the mirror and the pictures are a nice reminder.

  3. What a great report, amazing looking games.

    1. Thankyou very much Michael. Always nice to get kind words from the master of painting. :)