Build up for tomorrow

After work today my vacation begins and my
first step will be tomorrow when two of my friends
come for a visit to play a game of WH 40 000.
So far I have repainted and also added two new
tanks that I got in trade.
I have finished the painting of the camo that is
inspired by the Bundeswehr flecktarn but with more

shades of green.I decided to do so because my
groundtroops are dressed in green.
Updated pictures on the tanks will also be published
I have also started working on a factory but this
will not be finished until tomorrow.Before my friends
arrive at noon tomorrow I must make my roads ready
and there are some cuting to do.Finally I will also
make some woodwork to make the gaming-table
ready for action. A new battlereport are soon on its way.

6 kommentarer:

  1. Svar
    1. Czesc Michał! Thankyou very much.I must say that the vehicles look even better now and I am very pleased with how my camo came out finished.I have used 5 layers of thin paint.Thankyou for making this comment. :)

  2. Wonderful industrial complex! Waiting for more!

    1. Grazie mile Luca! I will update with a new report very soon.That is a promise. :)

  3. Very impressed with the industrial complex, I've no doubt it'll look great when finished.

  4. More fabulous looking buildings, looking forward to how you get in with them.