Gaming-session of the year part 1

Now it is july and I have my vacation but best
of all is that my yearly gaming-session has occured.
For the second time in a row we played Warhammer
40 000 at my house.
The game WH40k is not my favourite but evethough
this fact I have been looking forward to this event
for a long time. I have made scenery, built a gaming-
table and also made a nice menu.
Last year we played with 3 participants but this year
we added one extra and this was great fun because
it meant more play and less waiting.
The invited were: Christian(the rulemaster), Andreas
(Mr Muscle) and Olle (the man with the dragon-tattoo).
The spirits were high and we agreed to play the latest
version of WH40k and the points were set to 50p each.
I played the Cadians together with Christian(Mordians)
and our enemies were the Blood angels(both Olle and Andreas).
Next report will be more in detail about the game.
At last I also want to show that Christian built a factory
that is pictured last in the session below and I think this
model looks real nice.

7 kommentarer:

  1. The battlefield layout with your scratchbuilt models is awesome. And so is the ready to eat food feast!!

    1. Thankyou very much Jay. I wanted to add some more details to get a more industrial look but that will be my next project.

  2. I love seeing all your hard work arrive on the tabletop.

    1. Thankyou very much Michael.It is always exciting to put all the models on display.

  3. A nice gaming table and an excellent munchies table, the maknings of a truly great gaming experience!

    1. Indeed Thomas.It was great fun but the hours ticked away to fast.It would be nice to invite you to one of my gaming-sessions, maybe in 2018!? Thankyou very much for the comment.

    2. That would be awesome!
      Will you ever be able to make it to GothCon by the way? We are making plans right now.