More Jerry-finds

Together with the tanks that I wrote about in my last
report I also bought some Jerry-minis.
Both for SoTR and traditional WW2-skirmish.
The two snipers are a treat for the eye but I will
repaint them in a more woodland-like colours
because I find this pattern to much desert.
The german tank-crews can both be used as
staff or vehicle-crews.
The medium mortar is primarily for SoTR
because of the uniform and equipment and
will be used a lot in the future together
with my homebuilt rocket-launchers.
The two officers will be converted and I
will use other heads that will look a lot more
menacing.The reason for this is that I intend
to use them as special-characters.
I also bought some tank-crews without weapons
for my tanks.Last but not least I got two tracks
for a 38t praga tank and these will be very useful
when scratchbuilding a tracked russian vehicle
for SoTR.

4 kommentarer:

  1. Svar
    1. Indeed Michal and also very useful.Thankyou very much. :)

  2. All good additions to your forces and I agree with the camo.

    1. These will be fun to paint and I am looking forward using them.Thankyou very much Joe.