A nice game of SoTR

On sunday two weeks ago me and my friend Olle played
a nice game of Secrets of the third reich.
The points were set to play with two platoons and with 
the support of one light mecha each.
The two mechas were equipped each with one flamer and 
one heavy machine gun. Both me and my friend had high 
expectations for these robotic-creatures and they
were all fulfilled.These mechas were both fast and
delivered quite a punch when engaging the enemy.
The players were russians(me) and germans(olle).
I was a bit rusty on the gaming-rules but we managed
eventhough this fact to get a fun and not to un-
realistic game. For my friend it was the first
game of SoTR and he liked a lot. To summarize, I
like this game both for the fast gameplay but also
for the fantasy-aspect and the possibilty to 
scratchbuild own mechas and vehicles.
The game was very straight forward and also bloody.
We agreed to play "advance and who dares wins". :)
My russians advanced and got a lot of casualities
but managed to reach the center of the table.
Olle didn´t hesitate and hammered my infantry hard
with MG-fire but my mecha got a serious hit with its 
flamethrower and knocked him out.
With the german mecha on fire my chances to win 
grew rapidly but we were forced to a gamebreak when 
my daughters got to hungry... :)
The next SoTR-game will probably be even more bloody but
we will scratchbuild at least 3 mechas on each side
and this will be great fun indeed. 

2 kommentarer:

  1. Simple enough scenario, but it sounded very bloody for the infantry and great fun too!
    Good seeing some of the stuff you've worked on recently on the table.

    1. Thankyou very much Joe.Indeed it was and it is obvious that I am must play more of this fun game.