Bucket of bits

Yesterday the mother of my friend Christian delivered a 
bucket of bits to my doorstep. 
I have won a bidding and bought it in my former hometown.
The bucket was a real bargain and cost me only 2,5 Euros!
A lot of nice stuff and I got a lot of inspiration when
I unpacked it. Firstly I will use some of the bits to my
evil-tribe in the pirate-skirmish that I am planning
in the future. I got a lot of things to use if I will build
a "sacrifice-place" for example  pile of skulls in various
shapes, mummys, seperate skulls etc.
I also got some complete figures made of tin and I
was especially fond of the skeleton.
Next thing will be to organize this pile of bits. :)


Black Cadillac

Yesterday I went for a recon in my local second hand shop
on my way home and I found a real nice car-model.
It was a Cadillac coup de ville 1976 in the scale 1:43.
Eventhough it isn´t the exact right scale I couldn´t help
buying it. It was in real good condition and probably a
collect car and not a toy. For 6 Euros I am quite pleased
with the buy. I will use it primarily for my post apocalyptic
game and maybe add a rough looking coupe with a roof
 that can be removed when not used. The coupe will also

be fitted with some kind of weapon-system or turret for
gaming in Car wars.