Heavy MC-support

When playing games in a post apocalyptic scenery I want to
create a Mad max-feeling and one very important actor in this
are the bikers. They are fast and can deliver punches from 
behind are no easy targets but when hit they are very vulnerable.
I have 10 singles bikes already but they are not ready for action yet.
These single-bikes only have light arms but looks great.
I really like the idea of making motorcycles with an sidecar
as a part of the game and these bikers will be able to hammer
with flamethrowers or heavy machine-guns.
I have looked at the bikes that are used in warhammer 40k and
will convert them and paint them to fit in this very hostile
world.First step in the conversion will be to swith heads and
remove as much space marines-details as possible.
I like the look of the heads on the pictures last in this report
and will paint the hairs in vivid/punk-colurs.
I bought all of these on a second hand market for 12
Euros and think they will fit in perfectly when finished.
All the weaponry is fitted with magnets and can be switched.
Very nice finds indeed.

2 kommentarer:

  1. The bikes should fit in really well with your games set-up and what a choice for heads!

  2. Thankyou very much Joe. I like the look of hair blowing in the wind and riding a mean-bike you don´t use a helmet. :) These chaps will atleast look like the "dirty dozen" when finished.