Last week I ran out of paint and an emergency occured.
I went for a visit to my parents and to buy at the local
hobby-store. Moving to the "country-side" has only one
disadvantage and that is when I run out of paint. :)
Arriving to the adress I discovered that they had moved
and was replaced by a second-hand store...
I entered and found some goodies. For only 10 Euros I
bought both fir and trees with leafes in plastic in the
28mm scale. very good indeed. I will make bases and
also give them a lick of the paint before I will use
them on the gaming table.
Next up was that when paying my finds I asked the woman
behind the counter if she knew where the hoby-stored
has moved and she replied: just around the corner.
Happy days and I bought my paint and also two figures
on sale (2 euros each).
Last but not least is that I will convert some Tau-robots
to mechas to be used in Sotr. I am not sure what I will
do with these because I must build them bigger to look
I will also convert my Chimera with a new Hydra-tower(AA) to
be able to give my friend Olle something to "talk" about
when he attacks my IG with gunships. :)
The B/W-picture is a model a friend of mine has made to
represent Autocannons in pairs.The rest of the sketch will
also be scratchbuilt to fit my chimera when finished. 

2 kommentarer:

  1. Lucky finds indeed and a bonus that the shop was nearby.
    You have some busy times ahead, with all your converting!

  2. Indeed Joe. I am busy, busy but still I find the good inspiration.Thankyou very much.