Vehicles for all scenarios

Last year I started collecting cars and vehicles to convert
and now I feel that I have enough to get "rolling". :)
The first two pictures show my finished cars mainly
to be used in SoTR, Fallout skirmish and WH40k.
The third and fourth picture show my unfinished
cars and vehicles.
The tractor with the horse-transport are my latest
find that I am planning to convert it to a storming
vehicle with a zombie-transport(Fallout skirmish).
Finally I have a picture of my favourite, the black
Cadillac and this will be entering the gaming table
without any ad-ons or extras.
The last two pictures show my VW Käfer that will
be converted to a german radar/recon vehicle to
be used in SoTR and a patrol-police car (BMW from
the 80ies) tha will be used as command-vehicle.
A lot to be done in the future but only fun. 

6 kommentarer:

  1. Svar
    1. I will Jay! :) Thankyou very much.

  2. This is going to be a lot of fun!

    1. Indeed Michael and together with my roads and scenery it will be an adventure. :) Thankyou very much.

  3. Great variety of vehicles to work with andeven though I have a great many vehicles myself, I'm still jealous of your last three (and the horse-box)

    1. My collection can´t compete with the master Joes but I think this will do for now.I started buying these vehicles after reading your blog.Thankyou very much Joe.