Soviet-mechas and zombie-bombs

To build more mechas for Sotr I
have bought some very nice figures
from Dust tactics to make the bulk
of my soviet - mechas.
The figures are originally named 
AT-43 and very nice detailed.
I already have one with rockets and
a MG but the newly arrived are all
equipped with flamers and and MG´s.
These mechas will become very deadly
against german infantry in the game
Secrets of the third reich.
I also bought some soviet zombie-
bombs to make my russian force complete.
Two very nice second hand-finds indeed.

Finally I have published two pictures of 
my german mecha-force under construction.
I will probably not use the bodys of the
Tau-robots but the arms, legs and weaponry
are interessting. The bodys will be scratch-
built and I have not decided yet if these
mechas will be fitted with two or three legs!?

4 kommentarer:

  1. It well named "Weird War", as the models are truly weird, but intruiging.

    1. They may seem weird but the fantasy-feature combine the thrilling question "if" with the history.I have played a lot of ww2-games and they are interessting but Sotr is much more fun. Thankyou very much Joe.

  2. Svar
    1. Indeed and the mechas will be very deadly when playing in the ruins of a city-gaming-table.The flamers are very useful and can alter a game-play very rapidly in the game of Sotr. Thankyou very much Michael