Printed brickwalls

Today I made a brickwall that will come handy
when putting up a scenery.
The brickwall is a sheet of paper that I have
calibrated to fit into the 1:48(28mm)-scale.
The sheet is glued on both sides with pva on a
strip of kapa . The top is cut in an angle

to be fitted with a corrugated cardboard to
look like roof-tiles. After the glue is firm I
attach the kapa-strip onto a wooden-strip
that will prevent it to fall. The visible surfaces
on the wooden-strip is also fitted with sand
and some handmade plants that originally are
soft foam that is glued and painted.
To prevent the printed surface to wore down
I put on some sticky-plastic.This must be made
and cut before anything else.
Finally I paint the "roof-tiles" and put on som wash
to make a more authentic look.

Idag tillverkade jag en vägg av tegelsten som kommer
att komma väl till pass när jag snabbt ska bygga upp
en spel-miljö.Tegelstensväggen är en utskrift som jag
kalibrerat för att passa till skala 1:48(28mm).
Pappersutskrifterna är limmade med trälim på båda
sidor om en liten platta av kapa. Kapa-plattan har innan
limning av papper fasats längs med en av långsidorna.
När limmet stelnat har jag sen använt självhäftande plast
som ska skydda utskrifternas yta från att slitas ner.
Plasten ska helst appliceras innan man går vidare med
övriga detaljer eftersom det annars kan var lite knixigt
att skära till.Nästa steg är att limma kapa skivan på en träbit
som ska fungera som stöd. De synliga ytorna på träbiten när
kapaskivan är limmad har jag försett med sand och
egentillverkade plantor som består av skumgummi som
målats.Ovanpå kapaplattan har jag slutligen limmat well-
papp med korrugerad struktur som ska likna takpannor.
Slutligen har jag målat alla synliga spillytor samt well-
pappen i mörkröd tegelfärg som även fått wash för att få
ett mer autentiskt utseende.

16 kommentarer:

  1. Your imagination is as sharp as a tack! Nice.

  2. Thankyou very much Jay for this comment. You made my day. Not everyday I get this kind of compliment!!!

  3. A very nice result indeed Peter, and a good use of Russian History books ;0)

  4. Mange Takk Søren .Russian history can be applied in many various situations. :)

  5. Nice looking wall (Eller som jag annars skulle ha sagt: sjukt snygg vägg!!) I saw a video on youtube where the brick effect was made by sandpappering off one side of a kapa sheet, and then by drawing where each brick would be you got a dent in the surface which then was drybrushed in appropriate colours. Downside off this method is a degradation of sturdiness in the kapa. I hope i made sense, otherwise you have to ask me :-P

  6. Excellent stuff! I now realise I have a set of walls and stuff for a print-and-build castle in 28mm. Printing some strips of wall, cutting them to size and adding tiles on top will make a perfect garden wall. Thanks for the inspiration!

  7. Thankyou Thomas! I have great inspiration-pictures that I will send to you by e-mail how to make real nice castle using cardboard and printed paper.Look out in your mail-box. :)

    1. Oh, thank you! My castle is still just a PDF and a lot of big dreams...

    2. Mail with inspirational pictures sent as a digital-package to your e-mail. :) Enjoy!

  8. That's a great effort Ptr, if there were awards for this sort of thing you should certainly have one.
    Whilst hoping not to depress you after such a stirlig effort, have you seen this site ? :
    (The site is free btw.)

    1. Thankyou very much Joe for this link.A very useful link but I have used pictures that I took by myself to get a more realistic and gritty feeling. Your link was to clean. If you are a skilled photographer there are lots of things to shoot and it is also free. :)

    2. Wow, great site. Thanks for sharing

  9. Svar
    1. Thankyou for this comment! :)