Russian mortarcarrier

Today I have finished building my russian 
mortar-carrier/armoured car. I found the
chassi on the local supermarket real cheap
and the best with this car is that it is made
of plastic and this offer great opportunities
to convert. The car costed only 2 Euros and
came in pairs. I will primarily use this car
in the game of SoTR and its main purpose
will be to shell my opponent with mortar-
grenades.I will keep you all updated when
I have put some paint on the car. :) 

Idag har jag byggt klart min ryska mobila
granatkastarramp / pansarbil.Jag köpte den
billigt i den lokala mataffären och det bästa 
med denna bil är att den är tillverkad i plast
och då finns det stora möjligheter till konvert-
ering. Bilen kostade bara 20 kr och kom i
en sats med två. Jag kommer huvudsakligen
att använda denna bil i SoTR och som granat-
kastarbil för att bombardera min motståndare.
Jag kommer att skriva en ny rapport när jag
målat bilen. :)

Car with spotter

10 kommentarer:

  1. It's a good concersion, which once painted up will fit in SoTR nciely.
    How did you do the rivets ?

    1. I used toothpics in plastic that I cut up in the right size.Once the paint is on they will look good.I tested this technique once before when I made some knobs for a wooden floor. Thankyou for making this comment Joe. :)

  2. Svar
    1. Thankyou Jay. The sky is the limit when you get inspiration.Have a good weekend. :)

  3. good job, you changed a toy in a war machine!

    1. Thankyou Luca.:) I think I have managed to build the car to look brutal and heavy. I will publish a new report when the paint it is painted. :)

  4. That's a very smart build, first I thought you used sprue rubble for rivets but it's the same idea.

    1. Szia András! Köszönöm , hogy ezt a megjegyzést.I am glad that I could give you a good tip when published this report.

  5. I love these conversion projects and especial the 'befoer' shots as it gives us an idea as to how you achieved them - looking good.

    1. I think that before and after-pictures are necessary if you would like to inspire others to understand your thoughts. I also can find new ways if I look a pictures that present the project in a basic and "raw" view.Thankyou for making this comment Michael. :)