Cadians preparing for battle

On the third of january 2016 I was invited to participate in
a WH40k-mega battle and some of my troops were not
painted so I needed to update these with som "lick of paint".
On the pictures you can see my commissar and  a sniper-
team and my veteran-squad.
I am satisfied with the result and I think I achieved the
dirty-veteran-look good.
I painte all these figures using citadel-paint and Army painter
and finalized the figures with Seraphim sepia (wash).
I also made som base-job using sand and pva. To get a quick
overlook I have made the officers and support-weapon-fgures with
sand/earth on the edges of the baseplates and only on top on the
regular troops.
The report on the Mega-battle is on its way. :)

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