Combat cars of the wastelands

I bought some nice cars at the local fleemarket to
convert for my game Fallout-skirmish.
Both cars are Hot wheels that are delivered together
with a Happy meal at a well known burger-
restaurant. The car that I have painted in lilac
is a Ford Mustang and this was the favourite
car for me when I was a boy. I have added
a bumber and a extra fueltank and also a cover-
shield with bolts.
The second car is still a riddle for me and it is
called Black panther in the Happy meal-add but
not which model or manufacturer.
On the black car I have only added a bumber.
On both cars I have drilled a hole in the roof
to be able to mount different heavy weapons.
I made the weapons modular and they fit both
I think I managed to get a gritty and dusty look 
and I am alos pleased with the flames and the
cyber-deathhead on the hood. These cars will
give a lot of the right feeling to my post apocalyptic

12 kommentarer:

  1. Svar
    1. Thankyou very much Jay.I think that the black car is of american origin, do you have any clues of the model?

  2. Svar
    1. Grazie Mile Luca.They were great fun to convert.

  3. They look excellent, additions for a "Mad Max" style gme ?

    1. Thankyou very much Joe.Indeed they are Joe and they will add some muscles to the boots on the ground.

  4. Svar
    1. Thankyou very much for these kind words Michael.I can´t tell which of these that is my favourite.

  5. Svar
    1. Thankyou very much Michal.It was great fun to build and paint these vehicles and I guess i shows.

  6. Cool! Now you just need some tough dames to ride in them. There, I can help out:
    KS for post apocalypse ladies launching tonight!

    1. Thankyou very much Thomas for these words and tips.I have some plans to maybe convert som 40k-sisters of battle but this project is not launched yet.