Archers and musicians

Early january I bought some really nice miniatures
on second hand. Primarily archers for medieval
games. The elven archers will be used as elite-
archers with camo-painted cloaks. I really like
these elven-archers and in a woodland-scenery
they will come alive real good.
All the archers will be fitted with a thin metal-
wire for the right look.I have successfully
used a very thin metal-wire and this looks very
good and is not so hard to do.
Next up is two musicians that I have never seen
before but I think they are from the eighties and
from the brand Ral Partha. These two will be used
as special characters in my medieval games called
Hugg and slag (cut and blow).

4 kommentarer:

  1. Good finds Ptr and I reckon you're corrct about the 'bards' - proably originally intented for dungeon delving when bards were introduced to DnD.

    1. I like these figures very much and I think they will complete my growing collection of medieval/fantasy-figures.Thankyou very much Joe.

  2. Svar
    1. I will and it will also be a great pleasure to paint these figures. Thankyou very much Jay.