Wooden houses

Under min senaste resa till Göteborg
gick jag förbi en loppis i stadsdelen
Haga. Såg dessa 2 hus i trä som jag
köpte för endast 20 SEK(totalt).
Tycker att de kommer väl till användning
när jag ska spela i skala 1:72.

During my recent trip to Gothenburg
I passed a fleemarket in the part

of Haga. I found these two houses made
of wood for only 20 SEK (about 2.30 Euro).
I thonk that these will come real
handy when I start playing games in
the scale of 1:72

4 kommentarer:

  1. Its obviusely a 28mm Scandinavian terrain piece...



    Your Danes will need a couple of houses to loot along the way for food if they are ever going to invade Sweden.

  2. Hmm, the links that you are referring to are bigger and looks a bit like housing for birds and birdsnacks.
    My houses are smaller and made for placing on the firestowe-shelf and
    others. My danes loot everything though and they don´t take notice if the houses is for small people with red hats and long white beards. :)

  3. What a great find, would work nicely with Samurai games perhaps.