Lasercut building

 As a former member of the woodworking-industry I

now has taken a new step into the lasercut-community.

My friend Mats helped me to test this because it also

was intended to be on display on a gaming-convent

in the north named Norrsken.

I was very interessted in drawing in CAD and let my

work be converted into a 3d-model.

I draw the house-model in 3d-cad and it is inspired

from the 5 stores high housemodel that resulted in a

very nice model printed in filament.

The material is 3mm MDF. The walls will be fitted with

match-sticks to give support when glued together

using pva. I will also make balconies to make the 

model complete. The model is made in the 6mm-scale

(1/300). On the last picture the laser was not calibrated

and worked to fast and some details are missing.

Next project will be to make house-ruins for

the game Flames of war. I must end my report and say that

working creative using the computer and print the result

is very inspirational and open up a new dimension in my


2 kommentarer:

  1. Well done managing to get these from digitsed ideas to creations in both resin and mdf !
    Any errors (such as the missing details) surely just resign the models to the ruins box ?

    1. Thankyou very much Joe. I didn´t get any misprints this time but I will keep this in mind in future-prints.