Wyrdwane psykers and more bits

On tuesday another two packages arrived and
it was nice figures all the way.
The first package contained three Wyrdwane psykers
and one lord Commissar.
All the figures are second hand and will be repainted
for my Imperial guard force in the game WH40k.
The costed me 10 Euros and will be great fun to
use on the gaming table. I have never played with
Wyrdwane psykers and made some research and found this
on warhammer40k.fandom.com/wiki/Wyrdvane_Psyker:

"A Wyrdvane Psyker is a human Sanctioned Psyker who does 
not have complete control of his or her powers but has 
been assigned for service to the regiments of the Astra Militarum. 
Wyrdvane Psykers transform the howling might of the Warp into a 
deadly weapon of Imperial supremacy.

Wyrdvane Psyker squads are formed from those Scholastica Psykana 
inductees not able to control their burgeoning powers without 
guidance and aid. Some have not yet completed the gruelling 
training to become a Primaris Psyker. Others will never achieve 
that goal, introverted beyond rescue by the horrors of their own 
minds. As individuals, such psykers are unpredictable and unsafe. 
Yet in concert, these deadly mutants can be a valuable asset to 
an Imperial Guard unit on the battlefield."

To keep my psykers steady I will use my collection of 4 commissars.
Great fun!

Next up is more bits to use for my Necromunda/Ash-wastes project
and the heads will be great to use as special characters.
The sniper-rifle and the combo-weapon I couldn´t resist and 
to me they looks real "bad azz". :)
All the bits were ordered from The red factory (se my link on
the list placed on the left of the report-window).
Now I think it is high time to start using and building all these
finds and bits that I have received in my mailbox prior to the
birth of my son. :)

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  1. Svar
    1. Indeed Michal and I am very curious to start playing games with these. Thankyou very much Michal.

  2. A very diverse collection of miniatures, but great reinforcements

  3. Diversity is also great fun when it comes to gaming.I really looking forward putting the psykers into use.Thankyou very much Joe.