Military truck conversion part 1

When I was working in Lund 2017 I
found two identical trucks on second
hand for only 2.5 Euros each.
They are both in the scale 1:56 and 
originally Chevrolet salvage trucks.
In many games I have found a need
for military trucks for transport or 
supply and my goal with these are to
convert these into this.
First I need to convert them with a 
flatbed and next will be to make a 
cover on top of that construction.
To achieve this I first made a model
of cardboard to get the scale right.
Next was to cut out the flatbed-frame
out of a 3mm plastic-sheet.
All external details on the flatbed is
made out of plastic sprues (left overs).
The cover-frame is made from a metal-
mesh used for garden-tasks and the
squares are 15x15mm.

The cover will be removable.
In my next report (part 2) I will explain
how I will make the cover out of thick
paper baby-wipes drenched in pva.

2 kommentarer:

  1. A great looking pair of trucks (and cheap too!) and it's good to see your vision.# lof what they'll become.

  2. Thankyou very much Joe.I think they can be used in many settings because
    of the round design of the trucks. My favourite trucks are from 1940-50
    era and these are originally 1950 Chevy 3100 Tow Trucks.