Converted Basilisk

A friend offered me a second hand Basilisk for only 8 Euros
and eventhough some parts were missing (elevating device) I
thought it was a bargain because I saw a great deal of
potential in this model.
One thing I don´t like with the original GW-design is that
the rear compartment is to open.
If I would be a gunner at the artillery or a spoter I would
like to have some kind of shelter.
I have looked at german tracked vehicles from WW2 for inspiration
and the finished result is quite o.k and with the lick of
paint I think it blends in with the rest.
I have scratchbuilt the sidepanels and additional frontarmour
and also cut out bolts from plastic toothpicks.
I have also added more scratchbuilt details for the elevating-
mechanism. One voxcaster and one control-device has been
added for a more technical advanced look.
Gun racks and extra helmets and bags have been hung inside
the compartment to illustrate that is being used by the
personel. Finally I have made a small platform for the
artillery-spotter to be placed on.
The camo is my own invented "IG-camo V2".
I have never tested this model on the gaming table but I 
have been told that this artillery can be a turning point
if used tactical. I read this on a WH40k-fanpage : infantry
wins firefights, tanks win the battle and artillery wins war.
It will great fun to test this model later this summer.

6 kommentarer:

  1. Svar
    1. I like the finished model very much and even more than the original. :) Thankyou very much Michael

  2. Svar
    1. Great fun to build and the result is o.k! Thankyou very much Michal

  3. Great model, with excellnet detailing and what a bargain!
    (loving your camo too btw)

  4. I can only agree and to make a conversion makes it more personal to.As you say: chabby chic to rolls :) Thankyou very much Joe