Bloodreavers en masse

Last week I bought some more figures both
for fantasy but also to use in Necromunda.
These muscle-men are bloodreavers from
Games workshop. For only 10 Euros a got
18 battleready figures.
I think these figures looks real tough and
mean and will fit in any bad-land-scenario.
They come from a easy-to-build-range and
this is not so good when it comes to make
any kind of conversion but I manage.
Next step will be to put on some paint.

4 kommentarer:

  1. Thankyou very much Michal.I can´t wait until they are finished.

  2. What a bargain, especially as they're GW figures - andthey do look good.

    1. I agree and I like those chaps very much as barbarian thugs.Thankyou very much Joe