Necromunda/Ashwastes - Tough guys

Surfing on the internet I came across these nice figures.
These are Necromunda - Goliath gang-members and
from an old batch. I only paid 6 Euros for all the figures
and I thing it is a bargain.
Eventhough the arms are modular I will convert and
make these muscle-boys more permanent using some
of these bits but also from my other storage.
One bits I have already found and it is borrowed from
a space marine. This old grenade-launcher will be a
real menace to all vehicles in the wastlands and it looks
very "bad-ass" to me. :)
From this old batch I like the revolvers and the shotguns
very much but all details are nicely manufactured. 
I will primarily use these figures to Necromunda/Ash wastes
but also to my own game Law and order.

6 kommentarer:

  1. NICE! And...I actually prefer plastic figures!!

    1. Very nice. I am very fond of the plastics to but the best thing with these is that they are more easy to convert and glue together that the ones made of tin.Thankyou very much Jay

  2. Svar
    1. Indeed and I hope that they will come out even better when converted.Thankyou very much Michal

  3. That's definetly a bargain !

    1. I agree and it will be great fun to put up these chaps on the gaming-table. :) Thankyou very much Joe