More bits for the Post apocalyptic-project

Last week (birthday-week) a very nice addition arrived.
It was a order with bits mainly for my post-apocalyptic
project. The heads will be used for my bikers and to give
a more female touch.
The weapons and other goodies will be used to upgrade
and convert my catachan jungle fighters almost to a
unrecognisable result.
I also published some pictures showing my first buy
of bits to this project. Some of these plastics will be 
fitted onto vehicles. Very inspirational indeed and I
have not even started building.

6 kommentarer:

  1. Svar
    1. Indeed Michal. Looking forward to it.Thankyou very much.

  2. Oh...you are going to busy!

    1. I will and the vacation is close at hand... :) Thankyou very much Jay

  3. I can only imagine the glee when you saw all these excellent bits. Your mind must also have been racing as you thought of all the uses you could put these to.

    1. Bits is fun and to combine them is even more fun.Looking forward making my own post-apocalyptic gangs using these.Thankyou very much Joe