NATO reinforcements

Only sad news about the spreading of the epidemic 
but I managed to buy and get my nice package of 
6mm-miniatures from the United kingdom before the
closing of the borders.
My last buy was a LOT of miniatures in the scale of 
1/285 but I was missing air-support for my Nato-force 
and was delighted when my friend Michael offered to 
sell me some 6mm-miniatures on second hand.
I will make the tracked vehicles that is missing to the 
MLRS in CAD and print them in 3D in the future. 
The setting of my 6mm-cold war-game will either be in 
the archipelago of Stockholm, the city-center of my home-
town Malmoe, the countryside in the county of smaland or
central Europe. I will make a full report of these scenery-
builds later on. I also must apologize that I haven´t been so 
active on my blog but I have a lot on my mind with my 
family, work, the virus.
Thankyou all for your support!

4 pcs: M35 truck 
6 pcs: MLRS (only the artillery-parts)
8 pcs M60 A3 
3 pcs M109 
4 pcs: M113 APC
4 pcs: M163 Vulcan anti aircraft

3 pcs: Hughes defenders helicopters
3 pcs: Kiowa warriors helicopters

1 pcs: AH1 Super Cobra
1 pcs: Huey cobra. 

1 pcs: Bell Iroquis UH-1 

2 pcs: A10 Thunderbolt 

3 pcs: MLRS 
3 pcs M109 
3 pcs: Bedford MK 4 tonne truck 

3 pcs: Sea Harriers
6 pcs: Jaguar fighter jets 

2 pcs: Wesssex helicopters 
1 pcs: SA330 Puma

2 sets of british infantry support
3 sets of british infantry (modern helmets)
1 set of Royal marines
1 set of british heavy weapons(infantry)

1 set of Rapiers (3 pcs)

1 pcs: SA 330 Puma helicopter 
3 pcs: Gazelle helicopter 

1 set of German infantry support

1 set of israeli infantry

2 pcs ZSU-23-4 

2 kommentarer:

  1. You don't do things by have do you ?
    That's a lot of reinforcements 9obviously all essential)
    It's not surprosomg that a lot of bloggers' posts are becoming more infrequent than usual, so there's is no apoogy needed - the blogging community understands.
    Stay safe and well

    1. Indeed Joe. I really want to do more hobby-projects and primarily paint but the day has only 24 hours and now I am happily married and have 3 small miniatures and one extra in the making. Regarding the 6mm-project I will(in time) make a scale-model of my hometown and this is a very thrilling thought. I will report a lot about this future project.Thankyou very much for the support Joe!