Imperial guard - bits and figures

 A couple of weeks ago I bought some figures and

bits on second hand to complete my small but growing

collection of Imperial guards.

First up are two very nice figures to complete my 

squad. The one with the eyeglass is a classic and I

have been looking for this chap to buy for a long time.

The second is a conversion and I havent decided yet

if I will keep or change the head because he looks very

"pirate". Next are nice base-plates and kneeling figures

that will end up as riot-police in my "Law and order-

skirmishgame. The range of bits will come to use on many

 of my troops and will add some fire-power. :)

The heads are spot on to use both to tank-commanders and

special-riotpolice. The vehicle-bits will be used both to

complete my magnetized (not solved yet) Leman-russ-tanks

and my scratch-built command-vehicle(not built yet).

On the last picture you can see my collection of Leman russ-

tanks before the magnetize-operation.

2 kommentarer:

  1. I foresee lots of conversions ahead, good buy imo.

    1. Conversions are great fun and to test to make a modular tank is tricky but a challenge.Thankyou very much Joe :)