Vehicles and factory-project

Busy days but I got lucky and visited the local fleemarket 
together with my wife and family last weekend.
I was not looking for something in particular but I found 
some very useful vehicles to use in Post apocalyptic games.
The little toy with tracks will be converted to a russian
mecha to the game Secrets of the third reich and equipped
with flamer or antitank-rockets. I have been scetching in
my mind how this mechanical-monster will look when it will
be finished and it will be a grim sight. :)
The ambulance will also be converted to a more versatile
My factory-project is still in progress but I am almost there
for the paintjob. Making the roof was a good thing and I will
also make some windows to get the right look.
Way to go is to make fences and also a ladder to the chimney.
Sand on the ground and a LOT of rivets and small warning-signs
and information-texts and arrows.To finalize the building I
will experiment with dust and rust-effects.
To be continued! :)


More Knights and specialcharacters

During the last days of my vacation I managed to
complete my build of 
special-characters and knights
to my own game Hugg och slag.

Now I feel that I have a set of figures to cover the
most of my planned scenarios.
It was great fun to build and especially the fool and my
field cook. I have used bits from GW, Conquest games
and Fireforge games. To finalize these figures with
some paint will 
also be a big joy.
Now I only have the rest of my medieval
fighting force to build, but the winter is long. :)


Bolt action-My first game ever

Last sunday I was invited for a test-game in Bolt Action by
my friend Peter. The points were set to 1000 points each and
the participants were a total of 5.
I and two other players(Andreas,Henrik) chose to play the russians
and our opponents were Peter and Mikael that chose the finns and

germans. The sideboards at Peters were filled with good
 refreshments and after the game we also ended up at dinner-table. 

The objective of the gamewas to take the crossroads and also to find
a missing 
document that was hidden somewhere at the scenery.
Any fraction that placed figures adjactent to a crossroad at the
endturn controlled the crossroad.
The game was set to 300points to each player for a start and
got reinforced with more troops each round until all figures and
models were placed on the gaming-table.
The russian tactics were very defensive and this was because
we thought that the axis would put in more armour at the end
of their setup but we made a false calculation.
Eventhough the advance for the russians was slow we managed 
to occupy two buildings and take three buildings and got a
total score of 7 points and the axis only 6 points.
A russian victory was celebrated eventhough it was a close one.
This was a very nice testgame of Bolt action and I liked using
the BA-dices very much becuse the game became very clear
for an overview.
I will end this battlereport with sending out a big thankyou to
Peter for holding this test-game and also for his great hospitality
and nice dinner.Looking forward for a new game very soon.


Making of a factory and nice gifts

For a couple of weeks ago I held a tournament in 40k at
my house and for me this game is at its best when using
scenery that shows factories and ruins.
To make my own twist to this I started making a factory
of my own but this was a too ambitious project and I
was not finished when I got my visit from my friends.
Now I have added more big details to my factory and
it looks great so far. I will also add more fences, 
a lot of bolts and finally I will paint it.
This factory will be one out of three buildings and
I made it very compact to make a more robust impression.
Yeasterday I was invited to a game of Bolt action at
my friend Peters and it was a fun game and the meeting
was very nice. I will publish a full report about this
game very soon. On this game-session I also got two
nice gifts from the players at the meeting.
From Peter, the host I got nine very nice medieval
figures that will come handy in my game Hugg och slag.
The archers with crossbow are divided into two groups:
one with armour and one without. I will convert the
archers without armour with different heads to give them

more personality. The rider will be painted as a noble-man
and will be used as a key-character in the games.
From Andreas I got coffee-stirrers and this was a very 
good gift that will be used for making doors and all kinds
of carpentry.The dimension of the stirrers is very usable
and you can even use a pair of scissors to cut them.
Thankyou very much both Peter and Andreas. :) 


40k-Tournament Part 2

In the beginning of my vacation I had a 40k tournament at home
in my house and we managed to play to set of games.
This Battlereport is between me and Olle and I played the Astra
Militarium and he the Blood angels.

The points were set to 1000 each and the goal was to decimate
the enemys forces to oblivion.
Both me and Olle are not so skilled at the 40k-rules and Christian
helped us with the technicals. My tactic was to punch a hole
in the defense of the Blood angels and attack "en masse" because
my troops are not so strong as the Blood angels in close combat.
To win some time the setup was closer to each front and this
was also more fun because we got contact very quickly.
My tactics failed at the first round because the  Blood angels
knocked out my Leman Russ and this was 
my key-ace.
After this round I halted the APC on the right-front

but this vehicle was still able to give cover and also shot every second
round.In the middle-sector the Blood angels tried to advance into
a big building.A magician within the ranks of the Blood angels 
tried to put spell after spell on my troops but did a real poor
job and made us all laugh. 
On the the third round both the Blood angels and my troops
got close contact inside the building. In close combat the Blood
angels did a god job and soon the game was decided and victory
to the reds. A very nice game indeed and both me and Olle were
equal in 40k-gamingexperience.Looking forward to the next round.