Concrete walls in action

This report will show my newbuilt concrete-walls in
action on the gaming table. I hope that these pictures
will give you some inspiration to start building your 
own. :)


Concrete walls

At the gamingtable I have missed movable obstacles and
I decided to make some mobile "concrete-walls".
The base come from a polystyrene-case made for bottles
and the "wall" is made out of foamboard.
To give the wall a more rough and worn look I put on some
sand together with PVA.
To get a look that these walls has been under fire I
made holes with a nail and finally I made a cutout
for supporting iron-mesh. The mesh is a plastic-grid
and I carved off the upper layer of cardboard and
pressed with my thumb and made a small space to 
lower the mesh into the hole.
Finally I used grey waterbased paint and highlighted
it to get more life to the models. In the holes I
also put in some wash. The metalhandles are made
of wire and painted with waterbased paint and
finalized with some brown to get a rusty look.
Next report will show the walls in a scenery.


New projects in 2017

The year 2016 has been a good one in many ways. I have
managed to complete my own space for my hobby and
I have also become father to a second daughter.
I have also been really sick but thinking of new projects has
always made my mood rise and that is a good thing.
Looking back on the hobby-year 2016 I feel that I have
got more experience in painting and this has also given
me more self confidence to start even more complicated
To say anything about the coming hobby-year 2017 I am
planning to do this:

Checkpoint-project: finish the paintjob on all the objects
and also build 4 watchtowers and make tank-obstacles.

Factory-machinehall: finish the roof and towwer and finally
give the model the lick of paint.

Fallout apocalypse: build and paint my bike-riders. Finish the
paintjob of my bad-ass figures (10 GW-figures that are primed
and also got some groundcoating). Build some more vehicles and

New projects:

Make some more scatterterrain that will be used as pile of rubble
and bricks. I have found a fun way to make these and the paintjob
is also getting better and better. :)

Paint and update 3 policecars and make a small policeforce to be
used in apocalyptic-games.

Build a church to be used both in modern and medieval games.

Build a small graveyard with gravestones and crypts.

Make a small towncenter with ruined buildings. This will consist
of a townsquare, 4 buildings with shops on the groundfloors and
living-compartments and offices above. A mayor-building with
columns and a impressive wide stairway at the front.

I will also try to start painting my pirates and my big collection
of medieval figures. If I will get some time to make some medieval
buildings I will but this is not a top-priority.

I am looking forward to all these projects and it will be fun to 
also be able to play games and not missing almost everything.
I will keep you updated! I also want to send out a big thankyou
for all your support and reading my blog.


2016 in retrospective

With this report I will send out a big Happy New year 2017
to all you out there that have supported me and my hobby
during 2016.
It has been a real hectic year but eventhough all the things
that have happened I have foud time for my hobby and
this has given me a lot of joy.
When I was 15 years old I went to Games workshop in
Nottingham, Hilltop and this was a nice experience
but after that I somehow lost inspiration and it was a
big break until 2012 that I felt real sad that I picked 
up this hobby again and it gave me a lot of happiness
back to my life and also new friends and I must say
that the gaming and miniature-scene has developed 
to the better since 1980-ies.
To all you out there that hesitate to start playing games
and painting figures and to make gaming-scenery: DON´T! :)
Down below I have published pictures from all
my projects during 2016.This include painting figures,
conversions, making scenery and furnishing my 
hobby-area/Man-cave. :) The pictures are placed chronological
starting in january and ending in december (zombiehorde). 
See you in 2017!



Third factory-building - Wip

The time has come to complete my third factory-building
and the project is in full swing.
I have made a simple sketch to illustrate the finished building.
I also made a machine out of leftovers that is mobile if necessary.
The inspiration to all my factories are from the
1930-40 and both from England and Russia.
In my opinion both countries in this era built a lot
of industrial buildings with the right feeling.
The building is intended to be a bombed out
machine-hall with a connected storage-tower.
All will be used in the 28mm scale.
This is the first out of two and the final report
will show the model finished with complete roof and 
tower and all the details painted.