Last week I ran out of paint and an emergency occured.
I went for a visit to my parents and to buy at the local
hobby-store. Moving to the "country-side" has only one
disadvantage and that is when I run out of paint. :)
Arriving to the adress I discovered that they had moved
and was replaced by a second-hand store...
I entered and found some goodies. For only 10 Euros I
bought both fir and trees with leafes in plastic in the
28mm scale. very good indeed. I will make bases and
also give them a lick of the paint before I will use
them on the gaming table.
Next up was that when paying my finds I asked the woman
behind the counter if she knew where the hoby-stored
has moved and she replied: just around the corner.
Happy days and I bought my paint and also two figures
on sale (2 euros each).
Last but not least is that I will convert some Tau-robots
to mechas to be used in Sotr. I am not sure what I will
do with these because I must build them bigger to look
I will also convert my Chimera with a new Hydra-tower(AA) to
be able to give my friend Olle something to "talk" about
when he attacks my IG with gunships. :)
The B/W-picture is a model a friend of mine has made to
represent Autocannons in pairs.The rest of the sketch will
also be scratchbuilt to fit my chimera when finished. 


Mean mutants

Some weeks ago I recieved a package of bits from
a fellow gamer and some of these will be used to
create my third mean mutant to post apocalyptic
miniature-games. My other two are almost done
but still need some fixing.
I will upgrade with a scratchbuilt shopping-cart 
that will be placed on the back using a chain
on one of the mutants filled with body-parts as 
a "food-storage".
The cart will also be fitted with small wheels before
the lick of paint.
The latest mutant will be built with mainly tin-bits
but I am not sure which head to use!? I can use
ogre-heads from the same range as the first two
mutants or a different that is smaller but looks not
so "nice". The weapon in tin is a heavy bolter and
other in plastic is a heavy machine-gun.
I have not decided which to choose but the heavy-
bolter is kind of bad-ass deluxe! :)
Next up is my project to build elevated highways
to be used both in Necromunda and WH40k.
I think this will add an extra dimension in my games
and will also add som good industrial feeling.
The higway will be built in stand-alone pieces
and can be assembled as sketched.
I will storage these in pieces because of the limited
space in my "man-cave". All the highways will be
made of solid pine to be able endure games to come. :)


IG vs Spacewolves

Last sunday I met my fellow gamer Olle at the gaming-table.
Both of us wanted a game and a minimum of reading the rules
and a lot of preparations were made to speed up the tempo.
We both used battlescribe to make correct forces to encounter.
I like this app very much and it saved us a lot of
time. On the gaming table we agreed to play with 1300 points
each. I now feel that my IG-force is both fun to play
games with and is also able to deliver a heavy blow if used
right. On this gaming-session I also baptised my IG 2.0-force
with new camo and a upgraded setup of men(minis).
Olle had upgraded his force with a flying transport with 
a lot of guns... He also used two APC´s packed with mean
spacewolves ready for action. During the game I concentrated
my fire to bring down the gunship with troops but failed
eventhough the hitrate was high (from 17 to 3 before unloading).
The two APC´s were halted but not blown before the gaming-
session was over and to summarize I don´t now which of
us that was the winner. Eventhough this fact it was a real
fun game and the gaming-scenery was spot on this time.
The yellow shelters in two sizes were very usable and next
game I will paint the long ones as barracks and the small
ones as roofed small depots.
I got these yellow pipes from an electrician and they are
originally used for draining-water but I liked the look
and found another task for these on the gaming table.


Imperial guard version 2.0

As I wrote before I was not totally pleased with
the look of my IG-force.
Last year I started to upgrade my tanks and APC-
vehicles and I really liked the result.
Now the turn has come to all my IG-minis and I
made some photos to "test" them in action.
I think they look splendid and the gritty and
combatfeelin is there if you ask me. :)
The bases are not completed and they will get
some shade in the future.



Last month I received a nice gift from my friend 
Marcus. I bought some russian 15mm T-34-tanks
and together with this buy he gave me a US-
strikeforce with tanks and infantry.
I already have russian and german forces and
decided to give something back to the community.
My friend Olle has never tried Flames of war
and yeasterday he received this gift and was 
real happy. Nice to give something back and it
brings good karma to. :)
The hand on the first picture belongs to my
oldest daughter.