More fire-power to IG

Last weekend me and my friend met for a combined gaming and
hobby-session at my new home. Olle continued working on his
team of space-wolves. I have bought a lot of bits on second-hand
to use both to build more mechas but also to upgrade my IG-force.
As you can see I have built teams with auto-cannons, laser-cannon
and a heavy bolter. They will all be fitted with more ground and 
cover before the lick of paint.
I think I will build two more models before I feel that I am 
finished adding fire-power (1 Laser-cannon and 1 heavy bolter).
I will also add some camo-nets and empty ammo-shells for the
right feeling.
Next up is that I converted a Valhallan-figure with no weapon
to be able to use a big weapon. :)
The IG-sniper is also a converted model that I think looks real
good but now has a solid base to stand on.
Soon it will be national-holiday and I say to all you readers out
there in swedish: Glad midsommar. (happy midsummer)


Necromunda-Ash wastes

Last weekend I invited my friend Olle to our new home to test Necromunda
and also to paint and build some new minis together.
I am new to Necromunda but I got hooked when I read the ad-on Ash wastes.
The ad-on is outside the hive and allows more interessting features as:
Mechas, wheeled vehicles, mutants etc.
I have played SoTR for years and one rule I like with that game is that
you are free to build your own vehicles.
Both me and Olle are not so good at the rules yet but we tested the
game in a very simple way and I think it is a great game.
The figures are a mixture of both GW Chaos cultists (40k) and
conversions made by me. Not all are finished with the lick of paint.:)
We started with 6 gangmembers each. The setup was to place our gangs
face to face and meet in the middle. I had two gangers with shotguns
and my only chance to use these was to storm forward and get close
to my enemy but he shot me long before I could do any damage.
Next gaming session we will fill in the forms and play the game with
9 figures each with support from one or two wheeled vehicles and
also one mecha! Looking forward to this very much.


Back on track again

After some time filled with broken legs, diseases, moving and 
other I am now back on track again. My own room (man-cave) is 
finally coming together and the filled cardboard-boxes disapear 
more and more. My own hobby-room will be filled with a lot of fun 
stuff and also house my computer/3d-writer/polystyrene-cutter.
As I speak I am about to put in a table and also mount some shelves 
on the wall.
The next room will be primarily my wifes but we have agreed to 
also let me borrow it when I will play games. :) In "her" textile-room 
I have bought portable legs to support my gaming tables and this 
will be very good because I will be able to put up a tables quick 
and get into play in a jiffy.
I have also made some nice finds during my time away and it 
is some medieval horses and also some more archers. 
All will be very useful when playing my own game:
huggochslag (cut and blow).
Finally I have started to experiment with leftover-cups for 
cakes made of thin aluminium.I read that these also can be 
used as bomb-crates and I will pour on some pva
and sand and mount them on bases for extra long life.
Next project of mine is to start Necromunda and primarily 
the ad-on, Ash wastes.
I like the idea of playing with gangs and the possibility to 
build vehicles of your own. The idea of building up to fractions 
in a ruined scenery with support from mechas,wheeled-vehicles, 
mutants etc is intriguing. I tested this game in a very basic way 
last weekend with my friend Olle and I think this will be great 
fun as soon as we will get a hold on all the rules.
A battlereport from this gaming-session will soon be published here.


Pirateship for plunder

This report is kind of old but never written about before.I bought
this pirate-ship for only 3 Euros at a second hand shop when I was
living in the woods 2012 and I found it again when I opened a card-
boardbox in our cellar last week. 
This pirate-ship will also be updated with a rear section with a 
steering-wheel and a closed compartment with windows. 
The ship will be fitted with cannons and a observationpost in the mast.
The ship is a slowgoing vessel but looks menacing enough and with
the cannons mounted I wouldn´t be happy if I was townfolk or a
peaceful fisherman. I intend to use it as a landingcraft and
a cargoship for plunder. This ship will stay in the rear when
the heavier pirate-ship will make way with all their firepower.


Printing in 3D

Two weeks ago me and my friend Olle went to a fair named 3Dmeetup in
the town of Helsingborg. The fair was a community-meeting and also
a workshop and I must say that it was very inspireing.
Both me and Olle are creative persons and we always looks for new
territories to explore. This has been a small fantasy for me for 
years but now the 3d-writers are much cheaper than in 2008 when I
worked with them professionally when making prototypes for the
interior-market. The writers could print in various plastics:
abs, pla and resin and it was fun to see how easy and beautiful
the result was. I have been working with drawing in CAD (ArchiCAD,
AutoCAD lt, Solid works and Inventor) for almost 11 years and I
see a lot of new projects ahead.
Olle and me also looked at the price and the software to operate
the 3d-printer was around 100 Euros in Sweden and a average
3D-writer could be bought for around 350 Euros.
The compabiltiy to make your own 3d-models are very vast because
most 3d-programs can save in the format STL or VRML.
The plastic to use is not so expensive if you use it right and
it cost 35 Euros for a thread-roll (1 kg-abs).
If you get warmed up and wants to model figures the resin is the
choice and it is a little bit more expensive 50 Euros for 1 kg.
The plan is now to buy a 3d-printer and the time to do this is set
after the summer because I must renovate our cellar and make
my hobby-room complete and tidy. Very interesting times ahead. 


Final haul of bits

Some weeks ago I read an add on Facebook about selling a lot
of Imperial guard figures and bits.I contacted the seller and
bought a case of bits for only 10 euros.
The main reason for this "investment" is that I need bits and
figures to complete my own Cadian-force to Warhammer 40k.
My plan is to build a second veteran-squad equipped with 
these weapons: 1 officer (lasergun+powersword), 1 flamer,
1 voxcaster (laser-rifle), 1 plasmagun, 1 sniper, 1 soldier
with a regimental flag and 4 riflemen with laser-rifles or
2 more rifle-men with laserrifles, 1 rifleman with a
shotgun and finally soldier with a 1 rocket-launcher.
In the buy I also found a lot of bits to use for mecha-build.
A nice find was the skull-sign that will be a unpleasant road-
sign in post apocalyptic scenery. The sentinel-roof with leafes
are spot on in my desert/jungle-4-wheel conversion.
Nice stuff indeed and for once I don´t feel that I need more bits
ever... :)