More cannons against the pirates

Yeasterday a small and very nice package arrived.
It contained two more cannons from the GW Empire-
range and I think these will do the job very good 
as a part of my growing force that will battle against
the pirates both on land and sea.
I also bought some bits to make my medieval horses
complete with riders. Very nice finds indeed and
each cannon only cost med 6 Euros each.


Last order of bits before the summer-vacation

This tuesday a very nice package arrived
in our mailbox and it contained my latest
order before the start of the summer-vacation.
Now I managed to also buy some bits to
build my own 3 "chix with guns. :)
I also managed to buy some more bits from
the IG-range but these will mainly be converted
to riot-police in my own game "Law and
order".The highlight of the order was the
bits with very "freaky" haircuts!!! 
Very nice finds indeed.

All the bits above were ordered from:


Necromunda/Ashwastes - Tough guys

Surfing on the internet I came across these nice figures.
These are Necromunda - Goliath gang-members and
from an old batch. I only paid 6 Euros for all the figures
and I thing it is a bargain.
Eventhough the arms are modular I will convert and
make these muscle-boys more permanent using some
of these bits but also from my other storage.
One bits I have already found and it is borrowed from
a space marine. This old grenade-launcher will be a
real menace to all vehicles in the wastlands and it looks
very "bad-ass" to me. :)
From this old batch I like the revolvers and the shotguns
very much but all details are nicely manufactured. 
I will primarily use these figures to Necromunda/Ash wastes
but also to my own game Law and order.


More bits for the Post apocalyptic-project

Last week (birthday-week) a very nice addition arrived.
It was a order with bits mainly for my post-apocalyptic
project. The heads will be used for my bikers and to give
a more female touch.
The weapons and other goodies will be used to upgrade
and convert my catachan jungle fighters almost to a
unrecognisable result.
I also published some pictures showing my first buy
of bits to this project. Some of these plastics will be 
fitted onto vehicles. Very inspirational indeed and I
have not even started building.


More Star wars-figures

When I celebrated my birthday last week one of my
friends from the gamig-scene (Peter S) sent me a 
very nice gift. The package arrived just in time and
made my day. It contained both some special characters
and members from the darkside.
I especially liked the Darth Vader-figure and think this
will be a nice addition to my now almost complete
collection. Next step is to paint these figures and make
both some terrain and some small space-ships.
A nice setup would be to make a "space-hulk-scenery"
with modular walls, archways, doors ets to play 
tabletop-pulp-games with missions and several players.
Thankyou very much Peter S!!!


Lakes and rivers

I have been busy and not so active on publish new projects
on my blog and the reason is being a father and on saturday
my latest mini will be baptisted.
I have still managed to squeeze in some hobby-time when
all the rest of my family was asleep.
The result is small lakes and also templates for rivers.
I have read on another blog that using mdf and making
boundaries and river beads of polysterene will be of a
good result. To finalize I have made 4 layers of cheap
clear coat/laquer (furniture clear coat).
The paint is from GW and darkblue and also turquoise
on the outer areas of the water for a shade-effect.
I am also planing to test spreading out small particles
of aluminium-dust for a more living shiny-effect.
I also put on some tape under each lake-model to prevent
the mdf from bending when putting on pva.