Upgraded IG encounters SW

Last saturday I met my friend Olle in his renovated
garage for a gaming-session. The garage was now ugraded
to a very nice and cool Mancave with pool-table, gaming-table,
leather sofas, workshop and a rectangular pit if you feel
to do some underground mechanics on you motor. :)
We agreed on 2000 points each and a friendly match.
Olle played the Space wolves and I piled up my reinforced IG 2.0.
I was very curious how my force of miniatures would act 
on the gaming board with more fire-power than ever before.
I tested my heavy artillery and also my Heavy weapons team and
together with the support of all my armour I feel now some
wind under my wings. This is not a real battle-report because
we only played two rounds before I was forced to rise the white
flag and head back home. An emergency occured and I hurried 
to buy baby-food for my newborn son. Little play but so much fun
and I am itching for a re-match to be able to test all my forces
100% to see how they will combine on the battle-field. 


Chimeras and IG en masse

My latest Chimera is now ready for gaming and I
decided to make a small scenery to illustrate
how it would look in action. :)
Looking at the original (out of the box) Chimera
and my renovated I think they look good both
of them.
On saturday I will test my upgraded force with
more firepower than ever and it will be really
exciting. On display I think my collection are
a impressing sight and it will probably make my
fellow "tremble" in fear. :)


Chimera 2.0 finished

When I started renovating this model it looked very
shabby but I thought that this would be real fun.
I have done a lot on this APC: coverplates for the
tracks, rings around the laserguns in the rear, 
shovel/ram, missile, tank commander, HMG and a 
lot of other details. With my selfinvented camo I
have named IG camo 2.0 I really like the outcome of
this renovation. On one picture you can also see
my other out of the box-build Chimera and eventhough
the coverplates for the tracks with scratch-built 
bolts I think the both blend in quite nicely.
Looking forward sending these vehicles out on a mission
on my next gaming-session. :)


Converted Basilisk

A friend offered me a second hand Basilisk for only 8 Euros
and eventhough some parts were missing (elevating device) I
thought it was a bargain because I saw a great deal of
potential in this model.
One thing I don´t like with the original GW-design is that
the rear compartment is to open.
If I would be a gunner at the artillery or a spoter I would
like to have some kind of shelter.
I have looked at german tracked vehicles from WW2 for inspiration
and the finished result is quite o.k and with the lick of
paint I think it blends in with the rest.
I have scratchbuilt the sidepanels and additional frontarmour
and also cut out bolts from plastic toothpicks.
I have also added more scratchbuilt details for the elevating-
mechanism. One voxcaster and one control-device has been
added for a more technical advanced look.
Gun racks and extra helmets and bags have been hung inside
the compartment to illustrate that is being used by the
personel. Finally I have made a small platform for the
artillery-spotter to be placed on.
The camo is my own invented "IG-camo V2".
I have never tested this model on the gaming table but I 
have been told that this artillery can be a turning point
if used tactical. I read this on a WH40k-fanpage : infantry
wins firefights, tanks win the battle and artillery wins war.
It will great fun to test this model later this summer.