Happy New Year-retrospective 2019

Another year has passed and I have done a lot
but not so much hobby-projects as I wanted.
Eventhough my time is very limited I have
managed to make some time of my own and
I am real proud of this.
I now have completed my collection of 15mm-
figures to Flames of war and i now have german,
russian and japanese-forces to play with.
I have also made enough gamemarkers and
also templates to start play this fun but complex
game(I will start with version 3 of FoW).
Next up is that I have added som more muscle
to my Imperial guards (Warhammer 40 000).
I got tired of being hit very hard by my counter-
players before I even came near to hit back...
Now I have artillery, mortars, autocannons,laser-
cannons, zykers, plasmagunners, meltagunners
and finally more cover(APC).
I have also bought a huge collection of cold war-
figures and models in the 6mm-scale.
It has been a dream of mine for many years to build
up and play wargames in a swedish cold war-scenery.
This cold war-project will take quite some time but
I am really looking forward starting to do this!
I have also built some rocky-scenery,lakes and bought 
some very useful modular rivers.
I have not played Necromunda ash wastes this year but
I have bought a lot of nice bits and figures and this
will probably start up in 2020.
My "mancave" is now almost finished and up and 
running and my painting studio is also good to go.
Last but not least I will send out a big thankyou to all
my readers and fellow bloggers. Times are not so good
in Sweden right now with growing crime and a very
rocky economy ahead together with big problems in
the public sector.This is a big worry for all of us and to
have a hobby is very good thing these days.
Eventhough these facts I must think positive and I want
to send out a big Happy New year 2020 to you all!

6 kommentarer:

  1. Happy New Year and here's to a productive 2020.

    1. Thankyou very much Michael. I am certain that 2020 will be a much more productive year than 2019. One more hour to sleep each day is not a bad start. :)

  2. Happy New Year!
    Glad that your man-cave is shaping up, and having a permanent painting table is good for the hobby.
    Ha det bra!

    1. And the same to you. Att ha sitt egna krypin är inte fy skam även för en smygpysslare. Thankyou very much Joakim

  3. it's alwasy wonderful to have your own area and you'll be needing it in 2020, considering your massive new collection of cold war forces.

    1. He, he, he. The 6mm-collection will be a big project but a fun one too. I can´t wait to start this project.Thankyou very much Joe