15mm-collection completed

Last week I very nice package arrived to my
little village.It contained the last remaining
items to make my 15mm-collection complete.
To be able to launch a full scale Flames of war-
project (version 3) I needed a artillery-template.
I got an second-hand-offer on the internet I couldn´t
turn down and together with the template I also
bought a 10.5cm german artillery battery and some
command squads(4 extra) and 3 light-mortar-teams and
3 8cm mortar-teams and finally 3 Goliaths(tracked 
demolition-vehicles). The models and figures are all
poorly painted and need som fixing but it is no big
issue for me.
I will use all of the models above in my 1944-45
WWII-project and it will fit in perfectly with the
lovely RSO-tractors (5 models).
Maybe you ask me if there would be any more models
on my wish-list and my reply is: Yes :)
Once a friend told me : nice to have or need to have
after buying a ceramic-barbecue-grilling device for
almost 5000 Euros and was afraid to reveal the actual
price for this for his wife. :)
Nice to have would be: One more Kingtiger II, 2 more
german fighter/bomberplanes and finally a group of
russian SU-76(self propelled artillery).
I feel that most of the extras will be made by me by hand
for this project for example: convert my own german mortar-
teams(I have extra german artillery-staff) and german
engineers and also fixed cannon-turrets-
A dream of mine will be to make a scale model of the german
Reich chancellery(Reichstag) and some blocks of the city-
center.The goal is to make this city-model with houses
that allow the game to be played as street-fighting with
5-6 stores in the buildings and also sewers/subway-tunnels.
The only thing I don´t have for this project is extra-
time... :) First step in this project will be to base and
paint all of my russian(soviet) infantry and there are 
a lot of these "chaps" and they are also more detailed to
paint than for example my 6mm-infantry... :)
I have also found some very nice paper-building-templates
on the internet and scaled them and also added more signs
to make them blend in even better. The templates were
almost right for the 15mm-scale but I needed to test-print
them and calibrate before finish them for a final print.
Here is the link to the papermodels I found on the internet:


Real fun and inspirational-times ahead indeed.

6 kommentarer:

  1. Great box, beautiful minis!

    1. I simply love the look of the tractors.The template will be very useful especially when playing the russians :)
      Thankyou very much Phil

  2. This is such an impressive collection, glad to hear that you have completed it.

    1. Indeed.I started to collect in 2012 and now 7 years later it stands there "ready" for battle.When painted and all is based and fixed it will be a very impressive sight.Thankyou very much Michael

  3. You say you have completed this project, but we both know that no project is ever really complete and there is always that little "something" that we desire or cold use.

    1. I can´t disagree with you on that point my friend. :)
      I have promised med though that in the whole I will not buy some more big "buys" for this game.Thankyou very much Joe