6mm - Inspiration and extras

First step in my 6mm-project is to make a nice
scenery during the cold-war. Several years ago
I tested making simple templates to make building
and cut out the shapes in scale using polystyrene.
The house is not 1:285 or 1:300 but smaller but
the technique works and its pictured for inspiration.
When getting the templates right I will use the
scale 1:300 and also make bricks/walltextures in
a photo-editing-program before printing.
Next up is game-markers that I have made both for
my soviets and swedes. It is fun to make and also
very personal. I used the swedish M90-camo-pattern
for my swedish template and I also couldn´t resist
adding the engineer-symbol on the mines-marker as
a former member of the swedish royla engineers in
the dense woods of Småland (county north of scania).
The third inspiration-tip is books and catalogues that
describe the cold war era both in Soviet union and
Sweden. I also took pictures of recruitments posters
to make more women and men to join the swedish
armed forces for a professional career.
Soviet war-machine is a classic and also the books 
from Osprey publishing. In my military library I have
saved a lot of outdated instruction-manuals and also
written tactics that describe the cold war-era as it was
viewed in Sweden. One of my own favourites are the
inspiration-catalogue made by Tamiya about the russian
"modern" tanks. Very nice pictures and also a lot of
smiling russian soldiers eventhough it was very "cold"
times in those days in the eighties. :) 

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  1. That's a lot of reading to get through = great for long winter nights

    1. I totally agree with you my friend but as they say: its grim up north, but good reading helps you through. :) This winter will be much better than the last because most of our home is up and running and not placed in cardbaord-boxes.Thankyou very much