3D-printed trucks - report

 This is my second report about my first test-3D print in

the material resin. Overall the models looks fine and the 

scale looks right. Most of the big trucks are downloaded

from the free-page Thinginverse and drawn in CAD and

the scale 1/200 and needed to be scaled up to 1/100.

My friend Adam (the printer) made an excellent job in

making the outcome right eventhough he had big problems

getting the wheels right on especially the GMC-trucks.

The details on these big trucks looks really good and for

me resin is the choice comparing to pla-thread.

The smaller models are also scaled and this was even 

harder to do but I calculated out the right length and

width to guide Adam and the outcome of these were even

better than the big trucks.

Very nice result but the downside for me was to cut loose

the models from the mould-extras and all the wheels of 

the BM-21-rocket-trucks were broken doíng so.

Some of the big trucks also cracked in the middle because

they were to thin to uphold the weight(drawn in a smaller scale).

The big trucks are no problem to fix but the smaller ones

are more tricky but I will manage this also. 

Adam also kindly send me the failed prints and these will 

be very nice "broken-down" models and parts of the

scenery playing the WW2-game Flames of war. 


These are the models I have chosen to print:

Scale 1/100 (15mm)







1-100 ZIS-5 early closed-5 

1-100 ZIS-5-BZ tanker early -2 

1-100 ZIS-6 early-1 


voroshilovets closed-1 

Scale 1/285 (6mm)




On the last pictures you can see that I have completed

my MLRS that I got for free but the tracked part were

missing and these looks very good and fits perfectly


Next project will be to print my homemade

light cannons in the scale 1/100. A report is on

its way, Cheers and thankyou for reading my blog!:)

4 kommentarer:

  1. These look really good, even if there have been problems it;s been very worthwhile imho.
    They're easily recognisable as to what they're meant to be and as you say, the misprints, broken ones etc, if not repairable, will make great wrecks etc.

    1. Very nice models indeed and I think wrecks on the gaming-table really brings out the feeling of a battlefield but is often a detail that is missing.Thankyou very much Joe

  2. Nice looking vehicles, waiting for paint job now!

    1. I feel that I am way behind painting my models and miniatures but soon I will restart this project. I will keep you updated! Thankyou very much Phil