My second APC - Chimera Part 1

My last project to give my force of Imperial guardsmen
sharper teeth is to be able to mount squads and send them
directly into the center of the battle.
I found a rather shabby Chimera cheap on a second hand-
market for only 14 Euros but I think it will be fun to give
this model some loving treatment and I also have lots
of spareparts to be used in my bits-box.
When the package arrived I made an overview what to be
done and fixed and noted this:

1. The turret was glued onto the hull and not able to move.
2. The ram/shovelblade was not uptodate.
3. The holes for the laser-rifles was damaged on the left side
4. Laser-rifles were missing in the holes on the left side
5. Metalcovers for the tracks were missing
6. Parts of the turret were missing and not able to mount
   a HMG or top-hatchet

First to fix was the turret and I removed the glued part and
was also forced to grind the leftovers for a smooth surface.
I also removed the old top-hatchet and fixed the edges inside
the top-hole on the turret to be able to mount a new hatchet
and docking-station.
Next step was to remove the fixing of the shovelblade and
it was done with some effort.
Third step is to grind and smooth the surface around the
holes for the laser-rifles.To make new holes with no damage
I used thin metal rings.
When the new rings on the holes are fixated I will cut out
bolts from plastic tooth-pickers.
On my next report I will publish the finished result and the
Chimera glued together in one piece.

On the first picture I show the precursor that is already
built and painted.

8 kommentarer:

  1. Creative and nice job!

    1. Thankyou very much Phil and great fun to.Looking forward to see this vehicle "back on track" again. :)

  2. Great looking forward for the next steps ;)

    1. I will keep you updated my friend. Chiekuje bardzo Michal.

  3. Some very ambitious modeling, repair modeling, and suspense generating!

    1. I have always wanted to renovate my own tank and now I have.It will great fun to see the finished result and put into use.Thankyou very much Jay.

  4. That's a very ambitiousproject, but your progress is excellent.

  5. Thankyou very much Joe. If I use a famous quote: I don´t choose to make things because they are easy I choose them because they are hard. :) It is great fun so far and I if I get some sparetime this weekend I will finish the most of this.