Parental leave and stronghold bunkers

Now it is a fact that I am on parental leave
from work but this doesn´t mean that I have
more time for my hobby.(see the sign) :)
Eventhough my mind is working creative
all the time. My little son is a very positive
"creature" but is not allowed yet to attend
at the hobby-table but he seems very curious
though. :)
To get more feeling on my 40k-gaming table
I feel that I need more bunkers, ruins and 
barbed wire and finally tank-obstacles.
First up is two-store bunker-towers that will
be made of polystyrene-left overs.
The top of these strongholds will be fitted with
camo-net to make the silhouette more assy-
metrical. I will also make hatches and a heavy
door (static) with lots of bolts.
Next are three heavy weapon-teams that will
be a nice support to my PBI(poor bloody infantry).
All the figures in these three teams are made of 
leftovers in my bits-box and I think these will
come much more use here than there. :)
I will also scratchbuild boxes for the mortar-
grenades and make more dig up covered with
sand and dirt.
I will also try to remake the long fingers to 
my three plasma-gunners. I am not pleased with
how long they became relative to the rest of the
figures eventhough all is GW and in the same

6 kommentarer:

  1. Great to hear that you are managing some quality time with your son. Lots to look forward to when you get the chance.

    1. To become a father of three is a big task but a very good one.I am really looking forward to see if some of these individuals will have a creative mind.:) Thankyou very much Michael

  2. I'm amazed you can find any time for yourself !
    As you know I'm a big fan of using 'junk' for scratch-building and I just know you'll turn out some impressive pieces - looking forward to your efforts

    1. It is indeed a puzzle to be able to find the "extra-time" in my life but is sure worth the effort. Very nice that you get inspired by my "junk-projects". It is always a pleasant "surprise" to see these projects become a finished model.Thankyou very much Joe.

  3. Lovely figures, bunkers...and family time!

    1. It is a luxury indeed and I am very happy.Thankyou very much Phil.