6mm Cold war - Nato-force

My next 6mm-report will cover my collection of NATO-models-
It is mainly UK and German vehicles but also some from the US.
In my opinion I think the former owner (I bought these models
second hand fairly cheap) cover a interessting range of models
and it will be great fun to test these on the gaming-table.
First up is the UK-models:

The Warrior IFV has an all-welded aluminum armor hull and 
laminated steel armor turret. 
It provides all-round protection against 14.5 mm armor-piercing 
rounds. The front is likely to withstand 25 mm armor-piercing rounds
The vehicle has a crew of 3 and can carry 7 men.
It has a weight of 26 ton and carry one 30mm cannon and one
7,62 MG.

The FV438 Swingfire was an armoured anti-tank vehicle of 
the British Army.
It had two firing bins and could carry fourteen missiles, 
which could be reloaded from inside the vehicle.
Total weight is 26,2 ton and has a armourthickness of
maximmum 12,7mm.

The landrovers are softskin-vehicles that mainly will be
used for recon and special-missions.

The FV107 Scimitar is an armoured reconnaissance vehicle.
Aluminium armour and a weight of 7,8 ton.
Armament: 30mm cannon and a 7,62 MG (coaxial). 

The FV4201 Chieftain was the main battle tank of the UK.
Crew of 4. Weight: 55-62 ton. 
Armament: L11A5 120 mm rifled gun and two L7 MG.
Armourthickness: chassi 50-127mm, turret 350mm.

Military jeep 1/4 ton m233. Soft skin but can be 
used for recon or fitted with a recoiless cannon.

The Marder is a german APC fitted with a 20mm cannon a
rocket and one 7,62 mm MG.
Weight 28 ton. Crew: 3 and can carry 6 soldiers.
Armour 20mm welded steel.

The M109 is an American 155 mm turreted self-propelled howitzer-
Ammunition storage: 39 rounds.Weight 27 ton.
Crew: 4.

BO-105: a specialist anti-tank version armed with up to six Euro-
missile HOT missiles.

The german Fuchs is a APC that can be used for a variety
of missions. Weight 17 ton.Steel-armour.
Crew: 2 and can carry 10 soldiers.

The M60A3 american-tank was built in two configurations:
M60A3 Passive, uses a passive gunner's sight and the
later uses a Tank Thermal Sight (TTS).
Crew: 4. Weight 55 ton. This model is also fitted with
reactive armour.

The MBT Leopard 1A2A2 received digital radios and is also
fitted with better armour-protection than the earlier models.
Crew: 4. Weight: 42 ton.Armour: welded steel 10-70mm.
Armament: 1 × 105 mm Royal Ordnance L7A3 L/52 rifled gun 
(13 rounds in turret 42 rounds in hull).
2 × 7.62 mm MG 3 or FN MAG (co-axial and commander's hatch) 
(5500 rounds).

The Leopard 2 is a main battle tank developed by Krauss-Maffei 
in the 1970s for the West German Army. The tank first entered 
service in 1979 and succeeded the earlier Leopard 1 as the main 
battle tank of the German Army. It is powered by a V-12 twin-turbo 
diesel engine.
Weight: 62 ton. Armour: 2A6: 3rd generation composite; including 
high-hardness steel, tungsten and plastic filler with ceramic component.
Crew: 4. Armament: 1× 120 mm Rheinmetall L/55 smoothbore gun
(42 rounds).

2× 7.62 mm MG3A1[1] (4,750 rounds).

To summarize: these vehicles will be a nice force to encounter my
collection of soviets. It will take some time to get these painted
and ready for gaming but I am really looking forward doing this.

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  1. You are going to have a lot of fun painting these!

    1. Thankyou very much Michael. I will indeed. :)

  2. A rather good mix of NATO armour and should prove interesting to game with, but I don't envy you having to paint them all.

    1. Thankyou very much Joe.I am looking forward to it and I have no hurry.