More soviet support

 This week I have come across sime more soviets 

to complete my collection.

The seller was real bad in making a package to send but 

I have manage to repair and save the most of the models.

The package contained 5 tank-killers (SU-85) and two 

Anti aircraft guns(85mm)and two rocketlaunchers fitted 

on Studebaker US6-trucks (BM-31-12).

And also some russian tank-riders.

The tank-killers could be used as SU-85 or the more powerful 

SU-100 and they are a big threat to any enemy-tank placed on 

the gaming-table.

The AA-guns also have a versatile role and can be placed as 

either AA or a devastating anti-tank cannon. I already have two 

of the AA 85mm and together they will form a company-formation.

The Andryusha-rocketlaunchers are a devastating artillery-weapon 

and can grind down the most dug in stronghold if they only have 

the time to fire without any counterattacks.This truck-mounted 

rocketlauncher is the predecessor of the famous Katyusha BM-13-16 

rocketlauncher but upgraded and arrived to the front in 1944.

The number of rockets are only 12 from originally 16 but the range 

is 4235m(earlier 2800m) and the calibre of the rocket is also stronger 

from originally 130mm to 300mm. 

Last but not least are the tankriders that looks very good and give the 

big formations of my T-34/85-tanks the right edge.

In this very moment I am waiting for the final delivery of my second-

hand buys and this will be written about in my next report. To be continued. :)   

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  1. Svar
    1. The sure do.Thankyou very much Michal

  2. That's a heck of a lot of firepower

    1. Keep your head down. :) I think playing the soviets are mostly to use massive support of artillery.Thankyou very much Joe